Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Board Of Trustees
Providence Township, Lucas County
13257 Perry Rd.
Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522
Phone 419-875-6531 Fax 419-875-6503

Steve Kendall 419-832-3224
Jeremiah Floyd 419-297-0973
Lee Bialecki 419-832-0131

Fiscal Officer
Julie Ludwig 419-875-6531

David Chamberlain 419-875-6531

Road Superintendent/Cemetery Manager
Kevin Keifer 419-205-2142

The following prices apply to purchases of lots and costs for burials at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.
Please disregard any previous notices. Effective January 1, 2018

Cemetery Lots: Township residents–$600.00 per grave; Non-residents–$800.00 per grave. Includes monument foundation

Opening and Closing of Graves: Residents Weekdays–$400.00 Saturdays–$500.00 Sunday and Holidays–$600.00
Non-Residents Weekdays–$600.00 Saturdays–$700.00 Sunday and Holidays–$800.00

Creamation/Baby Burial: Residents Weekdays–$250.00 Saturdays–$350.00 Sunday/Holidays–$450.00
Non-residents Weekdays–$350.00 Saturdays–$450.00 Sundays/Holidays–$550.00

Monument foundation 48″x22″ per grave–$200.00

Only monument companies approved by the Cemetery Manager will be allowed to set a monument and monuments or memorials may not be set by the lot owner or other individuals without the approval from the Cemetery Manager.

The Township will allow any vault to be used excluding wooden boxes. Questions concerning burials, lot purchases, and footers must be directed to the Cemetery Manager. Kevin Keifer 419-205-2142- office 419-260-9218- cell between the hours of 7:30 and 4:00 Monday thru Friday.

By Order of the Providence Township Board of Trustees

Rules And Regulations Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

1. No monument shall be erected that shall stand more the forty-two (42) inches above the ground level.
2. No person shall be permitted to plant trees, shrubs, or flowers of any kind.
3. Flowers must be placed in pots or vases on or close to the monuments. Providence Township personnel are not responsible for items left on graves.
4. All decorations will be removed and disposed of on March 15th.
5. All funerals will be subject to the control of the Cemetery Manager and be arranged 48 hours in advance.
6. All funerals will be arranged to be out of the Cemetery grounds by 3:30 pm.
7. All graves shall be opened and closed by the Cemetery Manager or by the Cemetery employees.
8. No trash shall be thrown on the ground. Wire containers are provided for trash and flowers.
9. Persons desiring footers for monuments must contact the Cemetery Manager.
10. No person shall violate any of these provisions under penalty of law as provided by the General Code: Section 12495.

By Order Of The Providence Township Trustees
Lucas County, Ohio

Township Trustee
Meeting Schedule

The Providence Township
Board of Trustees regular
scheduled meetings
are on the 1st and 3rd
Wednesday of each month
unless otherwise indicated.
Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.
Held at:
Providence Township Hall
13257 Perry Road,
Grand Rapids, OH.