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Providence Township Trustees regular meeting scheduled for June 19 is rescheduled to be held on June 18, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. at 13257 Perry Rd., Grand Rapids, OH 43522.


Providence Township Board of Trustees Regular Meetings will be held on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday’s of every month for the 2024 calendar year at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are held at the Providence Township Hall at 13257 Perry Rd. in Grand Rapids, OH 43522.


Notice is hereby given, the Providence Township Zoning Commission Board has scheduled their monthly meetings for 2024 to be held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The meetings will take place at the Township Hall, 13257 Perry Road. The first meeting of the year will be Wednesday, January 10, 2024, and will begin with the organization of the board.

Scrap Timber Available to Providence Township Residents/Property Owners

Occasionally, after trimming road rights-of-way, Providence Township has unclaimed piles of scrap timber available for delivery within Providence Township to Providence Township residents/and or Providence Township property owners only. These timber piles may include logs of various types in lengths of up to 10 feet in various diameters, but will also include stumps and other assorted limbs. If you are interested in acquiring a truck load of this scrap timber as it becomes available contact Providence Township at 419-875-6531 and leave your name and contact information.

Providence Township is located in the Southwestern corner of Lucas County covering an area of approximately 26 square miles. The area is predominately a rural agricultural and residential community and includes the unincorporated communities of Neapolis, Bailey and Providence. The Township Building is located at 13257 Perry Road, between Manore and Jeffers Roads, in a central location in the Township.
The Township is governed by 3 elected officials, called Trustees, which are elected for a 4 year staggered term and a Fiscal Officer (Clerk) is also elected which is likewise, a 4 year term. The Trustees work in conjunction with the Lucas County Commissioners, which are also elected for a 4 year staggered term.

The Township maintains a Zoning Commission and a Zoning Appeals Board, all members are appointed by the Trustees to the boards and their terms are also staggered. The Zoning Commission works in conjunction with the Lucas County Planning Commission. Currently, half of the Township is Zoned and the other half is Unzoned.

The Township employs a Zoning Inspector, 3 full time Maintenance Personnel, a full time Fire Chief, several part time Fire Personnel and the rest of the Fire Department is made up of Volunteers, that are all much greatly appreciated.
Currently, Providence Township has a population of roughly 3,500 people, however, the area is rapidly growing and this number changes monthly. Providence Township maintains roughly 40 miles of roads. The rest of the Township consists of roughly 35 miles of County roads and 11 miles of State roads.


The Township is bordered by the Village of Grand Rapids and Wood County to the South across the Maumee River, Henry County to the West and Fulton County to the Northwest. Swanton Township and the Village of Whitehouse are to the North of Providence Township and Waterville Township is to the East. Due to the lack of major shopping, school, post office and employment centers in the Township, most residents conduct these activities in the surrounding municipalities of Whitehouse, Waterville, Grand Rapids, Liberty Center and Swanton.


Providence Township was home to the Ottawa tribe of Indians prior to modern settlement. Peter Menard, or as more generally known, Peter Minor, and family were the only permanent white settlers in the territory. The area, which is now Providence Township, was originally part of Wood County. Lucas County was formed in 1835 from portions of Wood and Sandusky Counties. Providence Township was organized and became a part of Lucas County in 1836. The first Township election was held at the house of Peter Minor, July 30, 1836.
In 1835, a plat of 80 lots and five streets were laid out by Peter Minor, North of the Maumee River canal lock and given the name of Providence. The location on the North side of the Maumee River at the foot of the rapids was considered very favorable and stores, hotels and warehouses were completed rapidly to meet the demands of new settlers. The construction of the Miami and Erie and Wabash Canals spurred growth, moving travelers, traders and settlers West, along with transporting furs and timber. The rapid onset on railroads quickly eliminated the importance of the entire canal network, an extensive fire and an outbreak of Cholera throughout the Village, forced settlers to move further into the Township, away from the canal.
The unincorporated area of Neapolis in the Northwestern portion of the Township was platted in 1872, the same year as the Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific Railway, which ran through Neapolis in a Northeasterly direction through the Township. The Railway has since abandoned and is now a bike trail. The small town consists mainly of homes, but there is a post office and several businesses that call Neapolis home.


The first Public School House in Providence Township was erected in 1828. Prior to the establishment of this School, traveling pedagogues visited this locality during the winter months and gave private instruction at the houses of their patrons. Additional schools were constructed as the Township population grew, however, only the first log school house has been preserved to this day.


Providence Township is served by six post offices. The only post office located in the Township is still located in Neapolis with a Zip Code of 43547 and serves the small area of Neapolis.

The Grand Rapids Post Office still serves the Southern and Central-West areas of the Township with a Zip Code of 43522. The Waterville Post Office serves the Central-East area with a Zip Code of 43566. The Whitehouse Post Office serves the Central and North area with a Zip Code of 43571. The Swanton Post Office serves the Northwest area with a Zip Code of 43558. The Liberty Center Post Office serves two small areas West and Southwest of Neapolis with a Zip Code of 43532.

Providence Township Hall
13257 Perry Road
Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522
Telephone: (419) 275-6531
(If no answer, please leave message)
Fax: (419) 875-6503
Monday-Friday 7:00 – 3:30 P.M.

Providence Township Board Of Trustees Meeting Agenda

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Adjustments to Last Meeting Agenda
Approval of Last Meeting Agenda
Approval of Last Meeting Minutes
Approve Payment of Warrants
Public Comments: This time is reserved for comments from citizens. The Board of Trustees may or may not choose to respond to or take any action on comments at this time.
Fiscal Officer
Fire Department
Road and Cemetery Department
Zoning Inspector
Old Business
New Business
Executive Session
Agenda items are due by 3:00 P.M. on Monday prior to Meeting Date.

The Providence Township Board of Trustees meets on the First and Third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 P.M. at Providence Township Hall, 13257 Perry Road, Grand Rapids, OH.

The Providence Township Zoning Commission meets on the Second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 P.M.  at Providence Township Hall, 13257 Perry Road, Grand Rapids, OH.

The township has recycling bins located at the Township Hall. NO DUMPING OF GARBAGE OR TRASH ALLOWED.

Other Important Telephone Numbers:
Lucas County Soil and Water (419) 893-1966
Lucas County Building Regulations Department (419) 213-4230
Lucas County Engineer’s Office (419) 213-4540
Lucas County Planning Commission (419) 245-1200
Lucas County Health Department (419) 213-4100

Township Trustee
Meeting Schedule

The Providence Township
Board of Trustees regular
scheduled meetings
are on the 1st and 3rd
Wednesday of each month
unless otherwise indicated.
Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.
Held at:
Providence Township Hall
13257 Perry Road,
Grand Rapids, OH.