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Fire and EMS Levy November 5, 2019 (ADDITIONAL)

An additional tax for the benefit of Providence Township, for the purpose of maintaining and providing fire apparatus, appliances, buildings, or sites therefore, operating expenses, sources of water supply, or the payment of permanent, part-time or volunteer emergency medical personnel, for the purchase of ambulance equipment, or other EMS services operated by the fire department; at a rate not exceeding 3.0 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to $0.30 for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2019, first due in calendar year 2020.

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

Download PDF of New Cemetery Rates Effective Jan 1, 2018→  

Download PDF of Providence Township Road & Bridge Levy on the Nov 7, 2017 Ballot→  

More information on this levy can be found at the Lucas County Auditor’s ARIES website by accessing your property address and clicking on the Levy Estimator tab on the left side of the page.

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